Who, What, When, Where, Why, How - Linux: Part 1a - Who

So I’ve decided to make a set of questions which is sort of like an interview on things about me and Linux. Hopefully, after I finish answering all the questions (which I will eventually answer all of them whenever I feel like it), people that reads my answers would somehow be enlightened that the learning curve of using Linux is not that steep and everybody can use it :D

Since my head is a bit not working much at the moment, I have decided on making 2 questions of each of the WH words - Who, What, When, Where, Why, How:
1a. Who was the first person who introduced Linux to you?
1b. Who convinced you to use Linux?
2a. What was the first Linux distro you used?
2a. What was the first Linux distro you used?
2b. What Linux distro are you currently using?
3a. When were you introduced to Linux?
3b. When did you start using Linux on a regular basis?
4a. Why did you switch to Linux?
4b. Why do you prefer using Linux?
5a. How do you get by when Linux doesn’t solve what you want?
5b. How are things with your current Linux distro so far?

Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake

1a. Who was the first person who introduced Linux to you?
I’m not sure if it was either Nap or Yume that introduced me to Linux. Both I met during college years.

Nap I came to know during ROTC recruitment of “Programming Cadets” so that the grades of ROTC would be computerized and such (all of us ended up to be Admin Cadets though). It was from him I believe I got my installers of Red Hat Linux and Mandrake, which I just duplicated his burned copy (so both are just labeled with a pentel pen). It was I think 3 CDs of each that time and I think those copies are still somewhere in my piles of CDs (though good luck in finding them LMAO). Years after though, he gave me a CD of Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake I think, which has a package and everything and labeled “Linux for Human Beings”.

Yume Calso also introduced me more about Linux. He was a bandmate I met in my calculus classes back in college and it was probably him that got me deeper into using Linux as he was one of the members of that first Philippine Linux community team where they make a Linux distro for Filipino users. I never got around getting a copy of the distro from him though :P (And it was eons ago, I don’t know if the distro still exists or something - I never got to ask every time we chat XD)

"Linux Sets You Free"

A funny music video stating some of the fun facts of discovering and using Linux. Even if you’re not a GNU/Linux user, I think you’ll find this clip entertaining (& just LOL video)

So what to do I do here?

Ossu minnasan :) I’m not sure basically what to write in here & still getting a bit used to the system. I’m actually not into blogs as I tend to see personal blogs as a page where you open up a bit of yourselves - which honestly I’m not used to LMAO /foreveralone.jpg

I’ll most likely share my geeky and nerdy stuff I’m into. Will most likely end up making tutorials too. Probably will start on tutorials about the OS that the least people are using, Linux - err, so we’re 1337? X3

There goes also the random postings of things in real life and things I might find interesting. Of course, the Japanese pop culture which I’m very much into ever since I lived there for half a decade when I was a kid.

Anyway, so here’s my first post on Tumblr :P